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Bisop's Cove 01 March 2021 (2).jpg

Bishop's Cove

Wayne plays the enigmatic Mr Lawrence in this modern horror film, directed by Charles D. Lincoln. Currently in production with a release anticipated in 2023

Born A Stray

A new coming of age thriller about a troubled teen with alarming strange parents. A HollyHood Productions feature film directed by Adel Morales (Released, and others) with Executive Production by Spike Lee Foundation.

Ebenezer The Traveler

Ebenezer The Traveler 01 (2).jpg

Now Filming.....

Wayne plays THE ADVOCATE in this modern retelling of a classic tale using Dickens characters in a new and intrigueing manner.

Made for televison, this is planned as a springboard for an extended episodic series. Watch for it, starring Jerry Parisi and others in the fall of 2023.....


A new film by Alex Bendo, now in production


See Wayne as a maternity physician in this new feature directed by Joe Ariola and starring Anais Almonte now on major streaming services.....

Delusional poster 2022.jpg

Frank's Plan

Wayne plays a grumpy widower in this story of a frightened man's inability to accept his immigrant neighbors. Directed by Juhui Kwon.

Now airing on Amazon Prime.

Watch for Wayne in Phillie's Diner

On set PHILLIES DINER with Kevin
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