A brief clip from Festival Film, Whiskey Soda

Clip 1 from The Dockside Duel

A short clip fro The Interview, a film by Amos Efrat

Short clip from a Merck industrial.

Musical Production, Promotional and News Clips

On Carnival Lines cruise ship, Victory

As Pseudolus, in a promo video for

Music Theatre International with Ryan Kelly

Clip from promo video for Music Theatre International

News features for Time Warner Cable

As Peron in the stage musical Evita,

directed by Ken Miller

As Julian Marsh in 42nd Street with Maggie Ranone

Masculinity, from the stage show,

La Cage Aux Folles, with Richard Sabellico

Biographical and Promotional Clips

Promotional trailer for Juhui Kwon's short film, FRANK'S PLAN

Interview on My Staten Island Life about acting, directing,

and the Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre

Commercial (en Espanol)

ReelArc Demo

A scene with Daquon Wright for ReelArc, a demo production company

A scene with Danielle Gensler for ReelArc