First Samurai in New York

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Read more about Justin Ambrosino's film that has been screened world wide:


Production still from the new festival film, FRANK's PLAN


Pandora's Box on ID Network


The Sins of Salem

Wayne as the "Irish Bartender" in season two of Showtime's BILLIONS. Airing now.....

Gloria Concave at the Oscars

This is a video that was made in 2017. It is shown to Academy Award nominees at an Oscar Luncheon prior to the Award Ceremony. These are instructions on what NOT to do if you win! Starring Kate McKinnon

Mimi McMann, Rob Rafellini, Paul Smith, James Cunningham and Bill McVey

in The Sins of Salem 2017

Wayne directs a retelling of the events of Salem, Mass. in 1692. This play, by Catherine DiDomenico, explores the economic and political motivation behind the "hysteria" that caused the execution of 19 people for the crime of witchcraft. As with so many mysteries, "follow the money" to find the answer.

SOLD OUT! on  Oct. 22nd at Historic Richmond Town in Staten Island, New York

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Grave Secrets

As Dwight Tobyne in Grave Secrets, Season 2, Episode 5 

A new feature film by Joseph Ariola, starring Anais Almonte, featuring Wayne as a maternity physician in a dramatic turn of events. To be released in 2020...