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First Samurai in New York

Frank's Plan (trailer)

The full film of Frank's Plan is available on Amazon Prime

Dock Side Duel

The Interview

House of Seven Belles

Early in my career, I had a chance to appear in, what is now, a cult classic by Director Andy Milligan. Milligan produced low budget horror and slasher films destined for what was then, the "Blacktop Circuit", or drive-in movies. This film was never released, but a good friend found a work print. Here is the link...

2020-06-07 (2).png

TONGS: A Chinatown Story

Way back in 1986, I was cast as a crooked lawyer in a feature that was dubbed into Chinese and released in China, where it became a minor hit because of its commentary on Chinese immigrants to the US. In the United States it went straight to video. Now its on Youtube.  This is the whole film...look for me at about 44 minutes in...

Tongs 1986.jpg

And another full length feature...

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